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Welcome to the W3Source Technical Network, "Your Source For The Technical Force." The W3Source Technical Network is a growing community of web developers where they can find information on topics such as HTML, Dynamic HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, Flash, Java, JavaScript, Perl, CGI, Search Engines, the Site Essentials, and a Tech Dictionary. We also have W3Mail, W3Search, and W3Forums as additional services to the web developer community.

  • What is W3Mail?
    W3Mail is a free email service and is the foundation to the W3Source Community. Through our free email service you'll be able to receive email 24-7, from anywhere with an Internet connection. Friends, family, fellow techies, and just about anyone will be able to keep in touch with you. If you choose to receive our W3Source Community Emails then you will learn about what is new with the W3Source Technical Network and what events are happening. You will also recieve member access to W3Forums.

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  • What about W3Forums?
    W3Forums is the second phase of our community. In W3Forums you are able to communicate with the W3Source Staff, fellow web designers, enthusiasts, and other techies. You can ask questions, give answers, post links to sites for review, tell people to check out a cool link, or just say hey. As an additional bonus, when you sign up for a W3Forums Membership you automatically will receive a W3Mail email account.

  • New and News

    Link New and News Date
    Flash MX Check out our Flash MX Section. This includes links to other Flash MX Developers Sites, straight from the guys that helped develop the new Flash. Please make sure that you download and install the Flash 6 plugin, before you view these files. Oh and the source code for these movies is also included. 03.21.2002
    W3Source Inc. W3Source Technical Network, W3Source Hosting, and FlashFilez.com are now owned and operated by W3Source Inc. 03.20.2002
    Wallpaper Check out our new Wallpaper, Electric Logo Blue. 03.20.2002^aM
    Oakley W3Source to build site for Oakley Inc. 01.11.2002
    Wallpaper W3Source has started designing wallpaper and has released it's first design, labeled GEO1. Stay tuned for more over the coming months. 12.09.2001
    SourceLinks The Links List system introduced last month has been named SourceLinks. A few cosmetic modifications have been made and a new field has been added to "Add Link" Form. This new field is an email field so if you submit a link and enter your email address you will be notified when your link is added to the lists.

    Currently SourceLinks is in Beta development. This application will be available for purchase/download in a few months.

    Links New Links List introduced. This is an automated list. If you want to add a link to the list, feel free. With this new format you will be able to view which links are the most popular, which have the highest rating, and even sort the links 8+ different ways. Enjoy. 10.15.2001
    Redcross.org Due to the Events that took place 1 week ago today, we have modified our headers to remember those that lost their lives for no reason and those that lost their lives trying to save others. If you have a website please honor those people by showing your sign of support with an American Flag somewhere on your Website. If you would like the waving flag that is used in our headers please visit our affiliate PrimeZero.com and download the Stars and Stripes Flash Banner Template. If you want to help directly, please visit Redcross.org. 09.18.2001
    W3Source.com W3Source.com Hosting is now open. Hosting Plans Start as low as $8.25/month. We also provide dialup Internet Access, and Domain Registration. Recieve a free gift of Oakley Sunglasses with every hosting plan (hurry supplies are limited). 07.13.2001
    W3Mail W3Mail is now operational again. Even though access to the email system was not available, the email sent to an account was still being received. Sorry for the inconvenience. 07.06.2001
    New and Improved Site Design. In preparation for the new W3Source Network of sites and resources W3Source.net rolls out this new design, which will be Network wide. New features of this design include quick/easy drop down menus and a "Printer Friendly" option. 07.01.2001
    W3Source Technical Network to open W3Source.com Hosting on July 2, 2001. Domain Hosting Plans starting at $8.25/month. Receive a free gift of Oakley Sunglasses (with all hosting plans). 06.24.2001
    All W3Source Technical Network sites are moving to a new host, W3Source.com Hosting. We are also upgrading our sites to be database and cgi driven, for easier management and more accurate searches. So please bear with us during this transition. 06.23.2001
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    Flash Advanced Preloading for Flash 4Soon
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