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You want a killer site? Then Macromedia Flash 5 is the tool that you need in your arsenal. It costs a pretty penny, but compared to some other animation software it's chump change. It's really cheap if you are a student or in the educational field. Any way you go about getting it, the important thing is that you have it. If you don't have the cash to spring for the program or don't want to take the time to learn it or both, don't worry you can get some royalty-free flash templates for use on your site from Prime Zero Interactive.

Flash Books A List of Flash Books, with reviews (not all), and then a way to purchase them.
Flash Developer Kits Free Flash Templates and other FDK's that can come in handy.
Flash Forum Ask Questions, Get Answers, Post a link to your site for review, or just chat with other flashers.
Flash Links Links to some other sites related to Flash or based on it.
Flash References Flash Manuals, Dynamic Text Data Codes, Etc.
Flash Templates A few Free Flash Templates and eventually a whole lot more.
Flash Tutorials Flash Tutorials from Basic to Advanced.