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Do you have a Flash Page? If so, get listed here
Resources For Flash - Flash Development Community by, which provides free templates, tutorials, and other useful resources. - A great resource for finding tutorials on almost any subject. Including Flash. Flahoo - The Flash Directory. A directory of sites that use flash. Macromedia's official Flash Site Flash Academy - Templates, tutorials, and more by ENS. Flash Challenge - Got a cool flash site? Wanna compete against the best? FlashKit - Flash Developement Community by FlashPlanet - Flash Developement Community by FlashWave - Tutorials, templates, and forums from the UK. Flash Wizards - Site with many links to "Flash Wizards", resources, and other Flash topics. - Flash Tutorials and other resources by Colin Moock. Prime Zero Interactive - Developing FDK's and free Flash templates. Ultrashock - Awesome site, great intro, tutorials, and more. Virtual-FX - For Flash Developers. Provides tutorials, templates and other useful resources. We're Here Forums! - For Flash Developers. Provides tutorials, templates, forums, and other useful resources on subjects other than flash that can be used in Flash. Yahoo! - Flash and Shockwave Section. Links to other flash resource sites.
Tools For Flash Electric Rain Swift 3D - A Site on Software that vectorizes 3D based files, thus allowing you to import them into Flash. Swish - "Create Text Effects, Quick as a Flash". Wildform Swfx - "Create Outrageous SWF Text Effects in Seconds!"
Designed With Flash 2Advanced - Site of a great flash designer, Eric Jordan or as he puts it "Motion Graphics Designer" Shockwave - Utilizes Flash elements to their fullest extent. David Gary Studios - An amazing Flash site. DerBauer - One of the best, if not the best site designed with Flash. Ninudesign - Nice "Old School" Introduction